Experts & Their Results

The Aperture legacy is rich in success. The Aperture Experts community includes long time reef hobbyists, industry professionals, and scientific researchers – here are examples of what can be achieved with skill, patience, and amazing equipment.

Pedro Gomes

Pedro Gomes comes to the EcoTech Expert community from Madeira Island, Portugal with an impressive 14 years in the hobby. His Amazing Custom 80 gallon/ 300L aquarium showcases true expert-level hobbyist technique, with a stunning collection of coral and fish.

Deven Rich

Deven Rich knows reef keeping. Well-known and well-liked in the marine hobby Deven has built a successful sponsored YouTube channel under his ReefDudes name. Over the years Deven has had several saltwater tanks which have culminated in his current room dividing masterpiece.

World Wide Corals

If you are a reef keeper, you have almost certainly heard of World Wide Corals. EcoTech and WorldWide Coral have worked closely together over the years. Currently World Wide Coral uses over 250 EcoTech Radion LEDs and an equal number of  Vortech pumps. All this lighting and flow is necessary to keep the coral in the farm and display tanks happy and healthy.

Sebastian Winkler

Sebastian Winkler has been a reef aquarist for much of his life. Based in Stuttgart Germany, Sebastian’s tank is a perfect example of an aesthetically pleasing well-engineered mixed reef, much like the automotive offerings of locally manufactured Porsche and Mercedes.

Dayne Lyn

There are some truly spectacular reef tanks in the world and EcoTech Expert Dayne Lyn certainly has one of them. His 500 gallon system sits centrally located between his kitchen and living room and is home to huge colonies of coral as well as a selection of fish which will make even the most seasoned hobbyist salivate.

George Pillas

George Pillas comes to the EcoTech Expert community from Bristol in the UK. His stunning Evolution Aqua 1500, 110 gallon/ 500L aquarium showcases true expert-level hobbyist technique, with a stunning collection of coral and fish.


Whitepapers and other resources to shed light and help circulate knowledge about EcoTech products. 

VorTech Flow Calculator

With the VorTech Recommended Flow Calculator simply enter your tank dimensions to see maximum and minimum required flow levels. Add and remove power heads to determine what selection of VorTechs will most exactly meet those needs.

Spectrum and PAR

Reef Wholesale runs one of the first aquaculture facilities to switch to LED lighting. Take a look at their success after a year of fine-tuning Radion spectrum.

Flow Basics

CoralLab visits World Wide Corals in Orlando with focus on flow and VorTech programming in their SPS systems. Overall system information, SPS PAR and photoperiod information is also included.

G5 Lighting Guide

Practical guide to getting started with Ecotech Marines G5 Radion lighting.