Pedro Gomes

Madeira Island, Portugal

Pedro GomesPedro Gomes comes to the EcoTech Expert community from Madeira Island, Portugal.
A long time EcoTech user Pedro has generously contributed to many EcoTech Marketing projects with his skillful coral and tank photography

I have decide I can’t live without the rush of having a running tank.

The Hobbyist

Like many Pedro started on the freshwater side of the aquarium hobby, even more specifically with a small pond. I went to a pet store to check out some things for my little home pond, and they had a small nano tank with some live rock and a little hermit crab on a white sand bed… just hanging there, this caught my attention and I moved closed to check the detail of this animal… I found this amazing and wanted to learn immediately how to setup a marine nano tank, so I did and here we are.
There are a lot of things to love about the hobby, mainly the possibility of constantly learning about the marine eco-system, understanding the chemistry and nutrients needed to keep the most demanding types of SPS corals, and in the end observing the living animals thrive in excellent conditions. I feel it is important to take time to observe the colors and polyp extension of my coral as this not only gives me a great feeling but lets me know that the tank is healthy and happy
I find Reef keeping is a great remedy for work stress. After a long day I open my sump area and do some maintenance, the change of pace is relaxing with the added benefit that I can then enjoy the results.

“I love to switch on my photo scene in Mobius and soak in the insane color of the coral.”

Fish & Coral

Pedro’s current tank is only 18 months old – but already it is showing his high level of skill with both hard and soft corals growing rapidly. His fish look healthy and well established.
As with most long-term hobbyists Pedro’s collection of acropora are trending toward the advanced end of the spectrum. A focus on some of the harder to maintain pigment morphs in the pinks and the yellows of the slower growing species.
The tanks fish inhabitants are a lively group of workers. With the expectation of a school of Anthias, which add a pink shimmer to the water, many of the fish are good workers whether it is the tangs for agleam maintenance or the wrasses for pest control.

Pedro's Equipment

I built this tank with some preferred specifications in mind. The details add to the experience and my favorite attributes include the wire management, opti-white glass, and the sense of depth from the width. My sump is not inside the tank room making the tank very silent. The tank lighting is now such a part of my home office that it feels strange when the lights are off. Its incredible to me that I have had this tank so long that it is more than a hobby, it feels as if it is part of my home itself.
If you zoom out and look at the worldwide market there are just a tiny portion of high-end aquarium equipment and EcoTech is by far the best you can get. I love technology and innovation and I have always been impressed by EcoTech products. The new Mobius system has taken that to a new level for me by connecting everything with a simple user friendly app. I have found the VorTech and Vectra pumps to be both very reliable and operate with surprisingly low power consumption.

3x EcoTech Marine Radion Gen5

1x XR15w G4 Freshwater – Refugium light

4x MP40w QD
Refuge and Royal-Exclusive Double Cone 200 skimmer with RD3 pump

The Tank

Age: 1.5 yrs
Display: Custom Made 80G / 300L
Sump/Additional: 119G / 450L
Salinity Target: 1.026
Temperature Target: 78.8 F / 26 c
Parameter Target: CA = 440, ALK = 8, MG = 1440
Water Changes: Monthly 20%
Any notable differences in water chemistry or levels?: Well, I am a bit obsessed with keeping things under control, I make sure to make an ICP test every 45days and N-DOC every 3-4months. Making sure my regular dosing of the elements is OK, mainly Sr, K and I.
Tested: Regularly.

  • 6x Pseudanthias dispar
  • 1x Ctenochaetus binotatus
  • 1x Ctenochaetus strigosus
  • 1x Halichoeres leucoxanthus
  • 1x Macropharyngodon bipartitus
  • 1x Labroides dimidiatus
  • 1x Genicanthus bellus
  • 1x Platinum Clown Amphiprion percula
  • Acropora Spathulata
  • Acropora Tenuis Pink panther
  • Acropora Sarmentosa
  • Acropora Millepora
  • Acropora Florida
  • Acropora Abrotanoides
  • Acropora Echinata
  • Montipora Digitata
  • Montipora Goldrush
  • Duncanopsammia auxifuga
  • Euphyllia parancora
  • Euphyllia golden
  • Leptoseris Jack O'Lantern
  • Bleeding Apple
  • 2x Lysmata amboinensis
  • 2x Lysmata debelius
  • 4x Nassarius sp.
  • 1x Astropecten polycanthus
  • 12x Clibanarius sp.
  • 6x Trochus sp.
  • 3x Turbo fluctuosa