Sebastian Winkler

Stuttgart, Germany

Sebastian Winkler has been a reef aquarist for much of his life. Based in Stuttgart Germany, Sebastian’s tank is a perfect example of an aesthetically pleasing well-engineered mixed reef, much like the automotive offerings of locally manufactured Porsche and Mercedes.

“After a day of hard work, my tank beams me into the quiet world.”

The Hobbyist

Like many of us, Sebastian started in the freshwater hobby. After many years and a developed mastery with Süßwasser he made the move to saltwater and live coral and has never gone back.

“After decades of freshwater, it was the time to move to another level”

Exotic wildlife excursions on both land and sea are showcased on his Facebook page including a trip to an African Gorilla sanctuary. He’s also an excited diver and got the chance to visit some coral farms and reefs in Bali, the Philippines and Egypt.

More local to Germany Sebastian works in the music industry, specifically in audio/video production as well as concert management. His career keeps him on the move and sometimes away from home. This presents both a challenge and a blessing as a reef keeper, while being away presents certain challenges it also keeps one’s hands out of the tank.

The Aquarium

The System is a custom-built 130gallon(500L) with a 13 gallon (50L) sump. The current tank has been up and growing for the last eight years and has a couple of fish and coral carryovers when the upgrade happened. A clown fish Sebastian has been caring for has been with him for over 12 years.

Parameter targets are standard to the hobby. Sebastian tests regularly using the Nyos test kits but rarely sees much fluctuation. 3 Part dosing and liquid plankton including Nyos Artemis and Nyos Goldpods.

Sebastian is one of the few long-time hobbyists who has so far escaped having a tank crash. He did however have a tank collapse when one pillar of live rock on an earlier system toppled over. He attributes success in the hobby to being patient and only making small changes over time.

Keep your hands out of the tank (meaning: Don’t change too much too often)

Sebastian's Equipment

In addition to the EcoTech lighting and pumps, he also runs the Nyos Quantum skimmers and chemical filtration using Nyos carbon and media with the TORQ reactor.   

“I love EcoTech equipment because it’s not only different products but it’s a platform. The components work great together and are controllable via one app. The quality is best on market and the guys I know at EcoTech are enthusiasts and simply good people.”

Over the years the tank’s parameters have stabilized and do not require a great deal of maintenance beyond a 20% weekly water change. The system’s stability makes for easy reefing and is a real bonus that comes with a tank that has settled in over time.

See more of Sebastian’s tank when he posts the occasional update on Schwings Reef.

The Tank

Age: 9
Display: Custom, 130gal, 500l
Sump/Additional: 50l
Salinity Target: 35ppt
Temperature Target: 25 C
Parameter Target: Ca 440 mag 1500 alk 8.5
Water Changes: 20%
Other Dosing and Feeding:
Tested: Regularly.

  • 1 Chelmon Rostratus
  • 1 Yellow Tang
  • 2 clownfish
  • 5 Pseudanthias Squammipinis
  • 1 Leopard Wrasse
  • Mixed reef with too many to list
  • Different sand snails
  • Mithrax crabs