World Wide Corals

Orlando, Florida

If you are a reef keeper, you have almost certainly heard of World Wide Corals. Now with two retail locations, an ever-expanding online presence and several franchised Reefapalooza shows  – the WWC team is an industry leader in the coral marketplace.

With modest beginnings involving some used tanks and a small rental space WWC has grown to include a mega-store across the street from SeaWord. WWC was also one of the first coral aquaculturers opening its first dedicated farm in 2019. With a great eye for  collection defining corlas and a multi-step quarantine procedure to make sure everything they ship is pest free, its no surprise that their online store has literally thousands of 5 star reviews.  

“We have taken the time to build a team of the best talent in the industry, and you can really see that in the health, vibrancy, and quality of the livestock that we sell”

The Facility

Currently World Wide Corals has two stores. The main location includes their current aquaculture facility sin downtown Orlando. A second smaller storefront is located in Winter Park. WWC offers a complete saltwater lineup including coral, fish, inverts and dry goods. WWC also provides aquarium installation and servicing options as well as custom work.

Production and supply chain visibility is growing in popularity in the aquarium industry. This is in part thanks to WWC who has always been happy to invite the public to see what they do behind the scenes. An annual open house has been a tradition starting with their first location. Opening the doors to the farm lets customers see firsthand the dedication that they bring to the trade. The current aquaculture facility boasts over 5,000 square feet with 66 tanks containing over 30,000 gallons of saltwater. WWC’s longterm goal is to ship primarily tank grown coral. 

Vendor Information

World Wide Corals carries an extensive selection of livestock and dry goods. For more information as well as current details of sales, events and tradeshows involving WWC please visit their website or visit their Orlando superstore.

WWC Facility Equipment

EcoTech and WorldWide Coral have worked closely together over the years. Currently World Wide Coral uses over 250 EcoTech Radion LEDs and an equal number of  Vortech pumps. All this lighting and flow is necessary to keep the coral in the farm and display tanks happy and healthy. This is no small task as WWC currently stocks 300 different species of coral frags filling in the region of 400-500 online orders per week. In addition to Radion and VorTechs WWC also utilizes a mix of high volume commercial  water handling and filtration equipment. For more information on  equipment and system setup from their previous facility take a look at the flow basics corallab whitepaper at