Deven Rich

Kelowna, B.C. Canada

I used to be hardcore into planted tanks but always liked the allure of having a saltwater tank… one day I asked myself “how hard could it be? “

After that moment I never looked back! One of my favorite moments is at sunset when the golden hour peeks through the window and casts a warm vibrant glow across my reef. The Intense UV/Blues contrasting with the intense orange is a stunning site to see!

“Maintaining your reefkeeping focus by learning outside of the tank has the added benefit of preventing over tinkering with the delicate balance in the aquarium.”

The Hobbyist

Deven Rich knows reef keeping. Well-known and well-liked in the marine hobby Deven has built a successful sponsored YouTube channel under his ReefDudes name. Reef Dudes has a wide selection of videos including content ranging from the basics of reef keeping through advanced topics on pest control. Deven runs a weekly live show that hosts guests from the hobby, industry and affiliated areas of reef keeping.

Over the years Deven has had several saltwater tanks which have culminated in his current room dividing masterpiece. While the system is only about a year old, the growth, and more importantly the rapid rate of success shows his wet shoulder. At times Deven was bordering on as much a tank collector with many small systems (a common behavior amongst us hobbyists) he has since condensed and refocused on having a single larger system.

The Aquarium

Deven agonized for weeks over the perfect aquascape for this system. He even built the rock work in a cardboard version of the tank to ensure that the scape would fit and look just right. Likewise, mounting hardware, stand position even reinforcing the floor were all carefully considered in preparation for building his current dream tank.

Deven’s secret to success as a reef keeper lies in a combination of a tech-savy and logical mindset coupled with passion and curiosity. Deven loves studying and learning about the livestock, equipment and the craft. Knowledge that he happily shares with others in the community who reach out to him for assistance. Ultimately patience and diligence are the foundation of his systems but maintaining that focus by learning outside of the tank has the added benefit of preventing over tinkering with the delicate balance in the aquarium. 

Deven's Equipment

5x Gen 5 Radion XR15’s, 2x MP60QD – 2 on overflow wall  Clarisea SK5000 filter roller, Nyos 2200 Skimmer, AI Fuge light. L2 return pump 2x 4 Packs of Versa’s for AWC, feeding the CaRx and Dosing trace elements.

Refugium lit by AI Fuge light which grows Chaeto like crazy! I also have the ReefDudes AI Flaps to keep the algae out of my skimmer and the sump looking good! Dosing is done by a calcium reactor. I also have an Alkatronic that test KH every 12 hours and Mastertronic that tests KH, Ca, Mag, No3/Po4 every Friday morning.

The Tank

Age: 6
Display: BC, 160g
Sump/Additional: 20g
Salinity Target: 35ppt
Temperature Target: 78.5F
Parameter Target: Alk 8.5, CA 420-450, Mg= 1300-1400
Water Changes: 5%
Other Dosing and Feeding:
Tested: Regularly.

  • Yellow Tang
  • Hippo Tang
  • Powder Blue Tang
  • Azure Damesl
  • Chromis
  • Coral beauty
  • Yellow Midas Blenny
  • Pair of Percula Clowns
  • Pair of Banggai Cardinalfish
  • Mandarin Dragonette
  • RR Pink Cadiallac
  • Sunset Millipora
  • Gold Milli
  • Rainbow Milli
  • Balli Shortcake
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Palmers Blue Milli
  • Pink Lemonade
  • RR wildfire
  • Teal Deep water/ red dragon
  • Ponape Birdsnest
  • Rainbow Loom
  • Montipora Confusa
  • Bird of Paradise Seriatopora
  • Orange passion
  • RR Red diablo
  • Purple/Green/Gold Hammers
  • Frog Spawn
  • Toxic Green/ Dragon soul Torches
  • Australian Duncan
  • Trumpet Coral
  • Goniopora
  • Space Invader Pectina
  • Rainbow Clove Polyps
  • Green Plate Coral
  • Bleeding Apple Favia
  • Rockflower anemones Chalice: Miami hurricane, desert storm, purple monster, various others.
  • Tube Anemone
  • Jawbreaker mushroom
  • Kryptonite Bounce
  • Citrus Rhodates
  • Ricordia
  • WWC Bizarro Cyphastrea
  • WWC Berserko Cyphastrea
  • RR Polkaroo Leptastrea
  • Aquaman Monti
  • JF Jack-o-Lantern Jeptoseris
  • Scolymia
  • Many Micromusa (acans)
  • Various Zoas
  • 2 Fire Shrimp
  • Halloween Hermit
  • Orange/red Leg Hermit
  • 3 orange Lip Conch
  • 2 Mexican Turbos
  • Various other snails