Battery Backup Compatible

In an aquarium with no flow, fish and corals begin to die in as little as 4 to 10 hours.

The Battery Backup is reef tank insurance in an aluminum housing.

The Battery Backup**, helps keep flow going during power interruptions, protecting your valuable investment -and your tank inhabitants.

*Backup lifespanwill vary depending on battery life, pump mode and other factors.

** The Vectra requires a Battery Backup Booster for use with a Battery Backup.



In addition to the standard fittings that come standard with Vectra model pumps, additional input and output fittings are available for further customization including:

  • Barb
  • Basket
  • Imperial

Driver Bracket

Mount your Vectra driver securely while maintaining ease of access for programming and adjustment.

*VorTech and Vectra Driver mounts have different dimensions to accommodate the integrated heat sink.


Power Supply Bracket

Keep your power supplies and cords out of harms way by mounting them with EcoTech’s all purpose power supply bracket. This adjustable bracket is compatible with all current Radion, Vectra and Vortech power supplies.