EcoTech is excited to join Neptune and BRS under a common parent company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be business as usual?

For you, our customer, this change in ownership will probably flow as easily as a VorTech pump. The change will facilitate and expedite the development and availability of new EcoTech (and brands) products. Being part of a portfolio of sister companies in the aquarium space will provide the resources EcoTech needs to take service, collaboration, and innovation to the next level.

Are EcoTech and AI customer service still going to be awesome?

Most definitely. Same people, same responsiveness, same location. Support is provided for EcoTech Marine, AquaIllumination, Nyos, and D-D brand products here at the EcoTech facility in Bethlehem, PA. For service support, please use the support tab on the EcoTech or AquaIllumination homepage.

Will my favorite retailer still carry EcoTech products?

Absolutely, EcoTech Marine (and brands) products will be available at all your favorite Local Fish Stores and Online Sellers! Please look to our website for all current retailers, distributors, international distributors, and online retailers.

Is my ETM (and brands) product warranty the same?

Yes. Same great products, same great warranty, and support.