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Service Companies

Find a local aquarium service professional to setup EcoTech equipment on your aquarium or just maintain your tank.

Would you like a beautiful and professionally maintained aquarium?  Are you looking for a custom aquarium installation to share marine life with your family and friends?

Contact a local aquarium service professional. EcoTech Marine works closely with many highly skilled aquarium maintenance and installation companies. Using EcoTech Marine and other top quality products these service professionals will get your tank setup and keep it stunning at whatever participation level you are looking for. The following companies are authorized by EcoTech Marine to represent and use EcoTech products in their tank installations and maintenance. All EcoTech products sold by authorized service companies are covered by the same great warranty and EcoTech customer service as products purchased through your local fish store or on-line.

Search the list below for an EcoTech authorized aquarium service company near you.