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International Distributors

EcoTech Marine utilizes international distributors for the worldwide distribution of  Ecotech  products. Authorized distributors provide EcoTech product and service support for EcoTech products that they have imported  ONLY.  Because authorized importation and support requires additional costs specific to each market, only EcoTech product purchased through authorized import channels is eligible for support through the international distributor for your market.

If you purchase an EcoTech Marine product outside of your country from a dealer that is not authorized to service you area, or from internet websites not authorized for international sales to your country, EcoTech Marine, or our authorized dealers, reserve the right to undertake any of the following actions:

  • Charge a service fee for any work done, warranty related or otherwise
  • Refrain from providing software and instruction manuals in foreign languages
  • Refrain from providing warranty service or otherwise on any EcoTech Marine product

Additionally, if you make an international purchase from an unauthorized dealer, you may be held liable for taxes, shipping and other expenses.