EcoTech Marine - Revolutionary Technology for Aquariums

What Makes VorTech Revolutionary?


The VorTech is the smallest propeller pump on the market when you consider how little space it occupies inside the aquarium. The motor is outside of the aquarium, meaning the VorTech may be positioned where it will be least visible.

The VorTech is beautiful in its simplicity. A magnetic couple transmits motion through your aquarium glass and, at the same time, clamps the assembly against your tank. Why is this revolutionary? You won’t have to drill your aquarium—and you can easily reposition the pump without having to move around complicated and awkward brackets.

All VorTech products feature the following benefits:

  • Innovative: Patented design places the motor outside the aquarium-delivering the smallest in-tank footprint of any comparable pump.
  • Broadest Flow: Powerful yet gentle flow eliminates dead spots in the tank.
  • Easy Setup: Bracket-free design with magnetic coupling is a snap to install.
  • Eco-Friendly Low-Heat Design: External motor mount means less heat in the water, which means less energy/money spent on cooling.
  • Safe: No electrical components ever touch the water.
  • Customizable Wave Modes: Controllable wave modes can be customized for your unique tank setup.
  • Versatile Flow Rates: Adjustable flow rates create a more natural circulation for your unique ecosystem.
  • Healthy Undertow: Creates a natural undertow along the sand bed, leading to a healthier ecosystem.
  • Efficient: Advanced brushless motor design reduces electricity consumption.
  • Quick Cleanup: Wet-side cleaning is a breeze.
  • Battery Backup: Optional battery backup gives you peace of mind by keeping the circulation going during power failure.