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The Glassbox

“This has been one of the best additions we have made to the glassbox. Now we must decide, another MP20 or add an MP40? If anyone is interested in some used Tunze Nanostreams you have a seller.”The Vortech MP40w is EcoTech’s most powerful and advanced product to date. Using magnetic coupling clamps the motor is able to transmit motion through the glass of your aquarium. This means no drilling, no wires in the tank, and no heat added directly to the water via the motor.

image1Unlike the MP20, the MP40w has a built in Wireless Wave Driver allowing it to communicate to other MP40w pumps wirelessly. When multiple MP40ws are used the aquarist can choose to operate in Sync or Anti-Sync slave modes. Meaning, with one pump being the Master, the others will either follow the same flow pattern or the opposite. This allows unique wave harmonics and flow patterns.

Here’s a video by EcoTech Marine showing how to create a wave with the MP40w. Multiple MP40ws can be used to increase the effect, as this video from MACNA XX shows.

In addition to the popular Short Pulse mode, both the MP40w and MP20 have two unique modes, Reef Crest and Lagoon. Below is a graph showing the flow patterns of these two.

Since the original product several changes have been made, with the latest offered in the MP40w. The physical improvements include:

  • New plastic encapsulated magnet
  • New high performance plastic drive shaft screw
  • Revised Wet Frame

In addition to these changes in hardware, new operational modes have been added:

  • Long Pulse Mode – Wave pulse timings of 2-60 seconds
  • New Night Mode – Full power for 14hrs at day and 10hrs at night
  • Pump Disconnect – If magnets separate, the pump shuts off
  • Feed Mode – Decreased from 1000gph to 500gph
  • Easier tuning of Short Pulse Mode for wave creation
  • More sporadic Reef Crest & Lagoon Mode

In my opinion this is the most advanced and elegant pump to date. For rimless aquarium owners, I cannot emphasize the difference this pump makes aesthetically. No wires is a good thing. In addition to the small size and great looks, the flow patterns are terrific. There is not a stream pump I have used, that has created an undertow like the Vortech.

EcoTech Marine is a dynamic growing company that brings a level of professionalism rarely seen in the industry. I am happy to say that one lucky reader will win a Vortech MP40w as part of our OKTOBERFEST Reader Giveaway. While I have not yet used the MP40w myself, the MP20 has greatly exceeded our expectations and we’re excited to offer this great pump.

Be sure to check out EcoTech’s full line including the MP20 and Battery Back Up.