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“This pump is honestly the best product I have ever used.”

coral-51I finally managed to get some free time to actually read the entire manual from the EcoTech Marine Vortech MP40W Generation 2 Pump. And as you all probably figured out by now I’m always one to push the envelope, so I got this crazy idea to make some waves in my 28 gallon JBJ Nano Cube. So I thought I would share this video after I tinkered with the waves settings. This pump is honestly the best product I have ever used. Their are numerous benefits including nearly silent operation, no heat/electrical current exchange from the pump to the water, variable speed with randomized flow including an undertow, the ability to pair or control other wireless Vortech pumps as well as the ability to create waves in aquariums both large and small. No pump on the market touches it in my personal opinion.