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Advanced Aquarist Online Mag Review

An excerpt:

Sufficient water motion is a critical part of a successful reef aquarium and innovative ideas and products have certainly made hobbyists’ lives a little easier in this respect. As reef aquaria are routinely found in smaller and smaller sizes, I felt a recent introduction to the market – the MP10 Propeller Pump by EcoTech Marine (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA) – warranted a review. This device is a smaller version of the company’s larger water motion devices, but retains many of its larger counterparts’ features, such as a magnetic drive and programmed controller. It also is of smaller size than most other powerheads and has a less intrusive appearance. Since the drive motor is outside of the aquarium, lessened heat transfer is also claimed. A flow rate of over 1,575 gallons per hour (5,961 liters per hour) is advertised. However, its price is more than many other water-moving devices. Is it worth the price, and how do its advertising claims hold up under scrutiny? This Product Review will attempt to answer these questions.

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