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Advanced Aquarist MP10 Review!

Jake Adams, an aquarist who has been active in the national marine aquarium community for over ten years, recently reviewed the VorTech MP10 in Advanced Aquarist’s Online Magazine. His review lauded the small size and affordability of the MP10. See an excerpt of the review below–

“Ecotech has released the Vortech MP10, a miniaturized version of the VorTech MP40 which above all cuts down the price and the size of the magnetically coupled technology. For an msrp of $195, any aquarist can afford to invest in the efficiency of 1600+ gallons per hour with a maximum 18 watt power draw. The diminutive 2 inch by 1.5″ wetside absolutely disappears in the aquarium but yet it still pushes a nice broad, plume of water movement which is the favored method for encouraging mass water movement and gyres in reef aquaria.

The Vortech MP10 ships with the same microprocessor controlled driver board with all of the adjustable, pre-programmed Vortech modes which produce constant flow, random flow, short pulse modes for producing waves and most importantly, a long pulse mode for producing gyre flow. The Vortech MP10 is more expensive than many other similarly rated water pumps but the included controller, diminutive size and the aesthetic of not having any wires in the aquarium makes this propeller pump more than worth the premium.”

Click here to see the full review. We thank Jake for his honest opinions and review and are thrilled to count him as a fan. Already have an MP10? Let us know what you think. Ready to buy? Click here. And be sure to check back often for more news and reviews!