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Radion <sup>™</sup>
  • Radion XR15 Freshwater Pro

    Compact and powerful, the full-spectrum XR15 FW Pro G4 is specifically designed to meet the lighting requirements of planted and tropical aquariums. The XR15 FW Pro is also fully programmable with seamless EcoSmart Live integration.

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  • Radion XR15w Pro

    The Radion XR15w Pro, with its single LED cluster and 18×18 inch light spread, is designed for reef tanks of 80 gallons or less. With 23 energy-efficient LEDs and eight color channels (including UV), the XR15w Pro is fully programmable and has built-in integration with EcoSmart Live.

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  • Radion XR30w

    The revolutionary Radion XR30w Generation 4 delivers a new standard in LED reef lighting. It features 34 energy-efficient LEDs with six color channels for improved growth, wider coverage, better energy efficiency and customizable spectral output for a healthy, radiant aquarium.

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  • Radion XR30w Pro

    The Radion XR30w Pro Generation 4 expands on the technology found in the new Radion XR30w, bringing professional-grade technology to the home reef aquarium. The Pro features 46 energy-efficient LEDs and full spectrum output from ultraviolet to hyper-red.

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