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Elegantly Designed. Technologically Superior.

EcoTech Marine has set new standards for equipment in reef aquariums. Our technologically superior products produce unmatched performance and our commitment to beautiful design minimizes the visual intrusion in your aquascape. Click here to register your product.

  • VorTech <sup>™</sup>


    VorTech pumps produce unmatched broad, gentle flow that you can control—eliminating dead spots and enhancing the health of your ecosystem. Choose from three models for any size tank. Learn More

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  • Vectra


    When it comes to aquarium return or closed loop flow, Vectra pumps are the smartest in the world. Features include; DC drive, program modes, in-line or submersible configuration and ESL controllability.

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  • Radion <sup>™</sup>


    The Radion family of LED lighting features energy-efficient LEDs with multiple color families for improved growth, wider coverage, better energy efficiency and customizable spectral output.

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  • ReefLink


    ReefLink is the bridge from EcoSmart Live to EcoTech equipment. Place the ReefLink within range of a WiFi router, power it on and run the installer. No wires. No adapters. No worries.

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  • RMS


    Tank mount your Radion with specialized kits designed for XR15 and XR30 model fixtures. Each kit contains everything needed to mount a Radion light on almost any standard or rimless tank.

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  • EcoSmart <sup>™</sup> Live

    EcoSmart Live

    EcoSmart Live is the web-based aquarium equipment command center from EcoTech Marine. With a ReefLink in place, you can control your Radion LED lights through a web browser.

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  • Battery Backup

    Battery Backup

    In a tank with no flow, fish and corals begin to die within four hours. Battery Backup will keep your VorTech pump running for up to 60 hours after power loss (30 hours for two pumps).

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  • Propagation Kit

    Propagation Kit

    Our new Coral Propagation Kit provides everything you need for complete customization and control of hard and soft coral. It’s highest-quality, longest-lasting set of coral fragging tools anywhere.

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  • Radion TIR Lenses

    Radion TIR Lenses

    Radion fixtures are designed with flexibility in mind. State-of-the-art standard and wide angle TIR lenses are available to optimize your fixture for higher par or more light spread.

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  • Coral Glue

    Coral Glue

    EcoTech Elements Coral Glue sets a new standard for ease of use, curing time, versatility and durability. Glue corals and rock sideways, upside down—even underwater.

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  • EcoTech Store

    EcoTech Store

    We believe in fixing it, not junking it. Buy replacement parts for Radion LED lights and VorTech pumps here—plus Coral Glue, Battery Backups, Hanging Kits, EcoTech T-shirts and more.

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