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Radion XR30w Pro Receives High Praise from Advanced Aquarist

EcoTech Marine’s Radion XR30W Pro light has been featured in an Advanced Aquarist product review, receiving high praise regarding the design, light output and more!

The Radion XR30w Pro, which began shipping to retailers all across the globe earlier this month, has just been reviewed by Advanced Aquarist Online Magazine. The review, posted by Leonard Ho, covers many facets of the light and receives praise in all categories. Several excerpt from the article are covered below; for more information, visit the full article by clicking here.


On September 1, 2011, Ecotech Marine introduced the Radion XR30w.  The highly anticipated LED light was marketed as a “purpose-built” modular, upgradeable lighting system.  Ecotech Marine’s President Tim Marks remarked at the time: “Our goal was to deliver a product with the ability to evolve and get better over time, not become obsolete.”

Flash forward a year: On September 15, 2012, Ecotech Marine made good on the Radion’s upgrade potential when they announced the Radion XR30w Pro. The Pro is an evolution of the original XR30w and builds on its  strengths with additional features and increased output.  As such, my review will focus on the improvements the Pro brings to the table when compared to the original, well-known, and highly-regarded Radion.


The most obvious and significant improvement over the standard XR30w is the new LED array cluster.  The Pro features eight more LEDs over the first generation XR30w and ten more LEDs over the second generation “G2” XR30w. (42, 34, and 32 respectively).  Like the recently announced XR30wG2, the Pro now uses the new 5W Cree XT-E white and royal blue LEDs.  The XT-Es are more efficient than the XP-E and XP-G bulbs they replace (and is consequently why the XR30w G2 requires two less bulbs than the first generation). The additional LEDs are comprised of two 3W Osram Oslon SSL Yellow diodes (590nm), four 2.5W SemiLEDs “Indigo” diodes (415nm), and four 2.5W SemiLEDs “UV” diodes (405nm).

The indigo and “UV” diodes warrant a paragraph of their own because few aquarium LED fixtures include sub-440nm “royal blue” spectra, and those that do often output only token amounts.  The Pro, on the other hand, includes a class-leading 20 watts of sub-440nm light. Ecotech Marine recognized that lower wavelength bulbs are less efficient so the Radion would require a substantial number of sub-440nm LEDs to produce meaningful light in this spectral range.  Thus, Ecotech Marine engineers added eight 2.5W LEDs to provide the bottom end of the spectrum. The four 415nm “indigo” LEDs are a close approximation to the tried-and-true 420nm actinic fluorescent lights reefkeepers have used for decades.


Light Output

Just how much more light do the new LEDs add to the Pro?  The answer is: Quite a lot.

Using our Apogee Quantum Meter, I measured the the PPFD 36 inches directly under the center (in between the pair of LED clusters) of each Radion fixture.

  • Original Radion with original reflector measured 98 μmol m-2s-1
  • Original Radion with TIR lens upgrade measured 118 μmol m-2s-1
  • Radion Pro measured 144 μmol m-2s-1.

These results tell us the Pro is significantly brighter than the original Radion (even with the TIR lens upgrade):

  • +46.9% more PPFD vs original Radion with original reflector
  • +22.0% more PPFD vs original Radion with TIR lens upgrade

(Note: These measurements are for comparative purposes only)

All in all, the Radion XR30w Pro is a true “full-bodied” high intensity light source for the tropical marine environment.  Furthermore, at full output, the Pro produces a pleasing and balanced color unlike some other >150W multi-color LEDs on the market.



The Ecotech Marine XR30w Pro does everything I expect of an advanced LED lighting system.  It is a highly flexible and controllable lighting fixture which provides ample amounts of PAR with “natural” color rendition.  The Pro builds on the strengths of the original Radion; It does not reinvent the wheel but rather improves upon a lighting fixture that has been vetted by thousands of satisfied Radion users.  And this “modular evolution” concept is exactly how the Radion platform was conceived. The Ecotech Marine XR30w Pro is the first LED unit to impress me enough with both its light quantity and quality that this reviewer has finally decided to make the switch from MH to LED.