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Radion XR30W featured in Advanced Aquarist

EcoTech Marine’s Radion XR30W light has been featured in an Advanced Aquarist article focusing on the spectral distribution of leading LED fixtures.

Advanced Aquarist

The story, by Sanjay Joshi, Ph.D., highlights the Radion’s full-spectrum light output. Joshi touched on Radion’s red spectrum in particular, noting that it is “quite comparable” to the Radium 400W HQI metal halide light. “This is one of the few LEDs with green and red LEDs, in an effort to provide a wider coverage of the light spectrum,” Joshi wrote of the EcoTech LED light.

“The addition of the red LEDs help improve the color rendition especially for the red/pink corals as well as fish. Also, chlorophyll in corals has an absorption band in the red region, hence it is speculated that the addition of red will enhance photosynthesis.”

The Radion features five channels of high-efficiency, high-intensity LEDs representing the current best in purpose-designed LED lighting:

  • Eight Cree XP-G Cool White LEDs, running at 5 watts each
  • Eight Cree XP-E Blue LEDs, running at 3 watts each
  • Ten Cree XP-E Royal Blue LEDs, running at 3 watts each
  • Four Cree XP-E Green LEDs, running at 3 watts each
  • Four Osram Oslon SSL Hyper Red LEDs, running at 3 watts each

“We designed the Radion as a full-spectrum LED lighting system,” EcoTech Director of Finance Patrick Clasen said. “With 34 total LEDs, a wide light spread and minimal color banding, we’re confident Radion sits among the top aquarium lights on the market.”

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