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MP10 Shipping

We are thrilled to announce that the MP10 begins shipping tomorrow!

The demand has been overwhelming and we thank our loyal EcoTech Marine customers and fans for making this new product launch more successful than we could have imagined.

Our primary concern is creating a high-quality product and we are producing MP10’s as fast as we can without sacrificing quality. The first batch of units will be shipped out tomorrow and should arrive at your retailers soon.

Possessing the smallest in-tank footprint while providing unmatched broad flow sets the MP10 apart and makes it a must-have for nano-reef enthusiasts around the world, and we thank you for your orders. We know that waiting has not been the easiest but the MP10 has gone through rigorous testing and it will be the premium pump that you demand.

Thank you for your interest in EcoTech Marine. We appreciate your patience and if you have pre-ordered, know that you will receive your brand-new MP10 in the near future.

Tim Marks
President, EcoTech Marine