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EcoTech Marine tanks featured in CORAL magazine

CORAL magazine recently featured photos of two EcoTech Marine tanks. The tanks of Tim Marks, EcoTech Marine president, and Patrick Clasen, EcoTech Marine Director of Finance appear in CORAL’s March/April 2010 issue. These two tanks reside in Tim and Pat’s offices at EcoTech Marine headquarters in Bethlehem, PA. Entitled “Smart Reefs,” the CORAL story centers on how to make aquarium setups more energy-efficient.

According to the author Jake Adams, the trick for a better aquarium is to use more creativity and less energy to make the tank work smarter, not harder. Tim and Patrick’s tanks were photographed to spotlight high output propeller pumps, in this case the VorTech MP10.

The photos and corresponding article can be found in the March/April issue of CORAL, on pages 35 and 39. Click here to read it online.