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EcoTech Marine participates in coral reef restoration

EcoTech Marine has long been committed to the preservation of coral reefs worldwide. The company recently re-affirmed this mission, as the founders of EcoTech traveled to the Florida Keys to assist the Coral Restoration Foundation as it transplanted Elkhorn corals from a nursery onto nearby reefs.

The CRF has nurtured small Elkhorn coral fragments into large colonies over the last several years. For the first time, the CRF and EcoTech harvested those small coral fragments to be transplanted, where previous Elkhorn colonies have died off.

“EcoTech and CRF share the same passion of working to protect coral reefs,” EcoTech Co-Founder Tim Marks said. “We hope our work together will help reestablish the colonies that
once dominated the reefs, but have been damaged in recent years.”

The Coral Restoration Foundation, which is sponsored by EcoTech, is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to developing offshore coral nurseries and implementing reef restoration programs. CRF architects sustainable, cost-effective strategies for protecting coral reefs and specializes in training and empowering others to implement those strategies in their coastal communities.