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EcoTech Marine Introduces the EcoSmart Driver

ecosmart driver small photo

EcoTech Marine, the company that revolutionized the reef aquarium propeller pump, has launched the EcoSmart driver. The latest in a series of groundbreaking technological advancements for the market, the EcoSmart driver has exciting new modes and a wider wireless range. EcoTech Marine expects the new driver to begin shipping with VorTech pumps by the end of March 2010.

“EcoSmart is the culmination of 18 months of development and our efforts at complimenting the best pump technology on the market with the most versatile, controllable and customizable driver ever manufactured,” said Tim Marks, president of EcoTech Marine. “The current VorTech wave driver is ground-breaking in its ability to deliver high performance and extensive functionality right out of the box. EcoSmart takes things to new heights.”

With EcoSmart, EcoTech Marine has taken the guesswork out of positioning and setting up pumps, and automated the process of creating the best environment for a coral reef. Position pumps according to EcoSmart’s instructions, select an EcoSmart mode and EcoSmart does the rest, orchestrating pumps to work together, providing the most efficient flow and wave conditions. EcoSmart creates results: less detritus accumulating within aquariums and increased coral growth.

The EcoSmart driver, with its sleek LED interface and dial controlled speed adjustment, offers unprecedented fine-tuning to enable reef enthusiasts to set the perfect environment for their aquarium.

Major features of the EcoSmart Controller include:

• Convert any MP10 and MP40 to an EcoSmart driver, and to wireless
• Increased master-slave pump relationship functionality
• Easily auto-tune and program customized waves
• New modes including tidal swell and nutrient transport for an even more realistic reef experience
• Time and speed adjustable for feed and night modes
• Sleek LED interface with on/off switch
• Auto-dim automatically turns the LED’s off after a user-set amount of time
•Adjustable battery backup speed and remaining power indicator

Pricing and Availability

The EcoSmart driver will begin shipping with all new VorTech pumps this spring. Owners of existing VorTech MP10 and MP40s who wish to upgrade may purchase an upgrade kit.

Visit for more product details, specifications and information on the manufacturer’s rebate.