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EcoTech Marine Begins Shipping MP20

July 2008

EcoTech Marine, the company that revolutionized coral aquarium propeller pumps with the VorTech MP40w, has begun shipping it newest pump, the VorTech MP20, to its family of retailers and distributors. Pre-order sales have been brisk and shipping is right on schedule.

A limited number of review units will be provided to the reef aquarium media. Please contact Andrew Stanten, Altitude Marketing at [email protected] if you are interested in receiving an MP20 for review. Some terms and conditions apply.

The MP20 is ideally suited for aquariums smaller than 70 gallons, and, like its big brother the MP40w, produces unmatched broad yet gentle flow while placing the motor outside the tank-preserving the beauty of your aquarium and enhancing the health of your tank’s ecosystem.

MSRP on the MP20 is $295. To view a list of retailer outlets, click here.

The MP20 leverages the patented and award-winning technology of the MP40w and offers many of the same features, including:

  • Feed Mode: Slows down your pump for 10 minutes to allow you to feed your aquarium.
  • Constant Speed Mode: The pump runs at a constant speed you set based on your aquarium’s specific needs.
  • Reef Crest Mode: Simulate the high energy conditions of a natural reef crest environment.
  • Lagoon Mode: Simulate a calmer, lagoon reef environment.
  • Long Pulse Mode: Allows for wave pulse timings of between 2 and 60 seconds, enabling the creation of slow alternating flow throughout the tank.
  • Short Pulse Mode: Allows for wave pulse timings of between 0.3 and 2 seconds, enabling the creation of resonant standing waves within the tank.
  • Night Mode: Enables the pump to operate for 14 hours in whichever mode is selected for the day and go back to Night Mode for 10 hours.
  • Pump Disconnect: Automatically shuts down the system if the wet and dry sides become separated.
  • Optional Battery Backup: Keeps the circulation going during power failure for 120 hours or longer.

MP20 specifications include:

  • Appropriate Tank Size: 20 to 70 gallons
  • Dimensions:
    • Wet Side: 3″ diameter by 2.25″ long
    • Dry Side: 3″ diameter by 2.25″ long
  • Flow: 500 to 2,000 gallons per hour
  • Power consumption: 6 to 18 watts
  • Aquarium Wall Thickness: 3/16″ to 3/4″
  • Clearance needed behind aquarium: 3″

“We have on-going dialogue with our customers, engage in frequent conversation with our retailers, and the market has spoken,” says Tim Marks, EcoTech director of production. “The interest in VorTech technology, for smaller tanks, with a limited range of functionality and at a lower price point, is huge. Not everyone perceives the need to have wireless communication between their pumps or is ready to purchase the high end model of the most superior product line on the market.”

The MP20 can easily upgrade to the MP40w by purchasing a special upgrade kit which provides additional functionality and flow and enables wireless communication between pumps.

With all the electrical components outside the aquarium and a variety of easy-to-program modes, the VorTech remains the safest, most versatile pump on the market.