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The EcoSmart Platform

So, what IS the EcoSmart Platform?

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EcoSmart debuted with the launch of the EcoSmart Driver in 2009 to deliver un-matched controllability all VorTech propeller pumps.

With the launch of the Radion LED fixture, EcoSmart has taken a revolutionary next-step in becoming a near symbiotic partner to your aquatic environment.

EcoSmart is built on the concept that by integrating aquarium equipment to work together in a coordinated fashion, an easier to operate, intelligent and sensible balance between total customizability and useful capability can be achieved.

Starting with VorTech pumps, EcoSmart tackled flow by linking multiple units to best achieve water movement conditions desirable for different aquatic inhabitants.

With the addition of the Radion XR30w, now lighting can be designed to reflect the needs of the aquarium as well as your desired viewing preferences. For the first time ever, EcoSmart lets you be in complete control of mimicing a natural environment within your artificial reef without needing supplemental and complicated auxilliary control hardware. The world is moving toward mobile, wireless and simple to use product platforms, we’re proud to say that EcoTech Marine is too.

Currently the EcoSmart Platform is integrated within both the VorTech and Radion product lines. But EcoSmart is a dynamic concept: Our commitment is to continue evolving this innovative and ground breaking technology over time to improve your reef tank, your consumer experience, and your life.